PWCOM is a very intuitive and user friendly completions Management System. The interface has been designed for the end-user and has been written by completions personnel with completions requirements in mind.

PWCOM is 99% user definable. Once set-up on site there is very little need for personnel with deep-end database skills to manipulate PWCOM.

Reporting from PWCOM is clear and concise. New reports can be added to PWCOM very easily to suit site requirements.

PWCOM works on Multi Dicipline Sub-Subsystem workpacks to remove the need for partial handovers. This methodology allows further sub subsystems to be created if only a part of a subsystem is required to be handed over. By redefining the workpack limits the requirement for partial or interim handovers is negated, as is the task of managing partial handovers. PWCOM is easily adapted to a subsystem completions philosophy by having only one sub subsystem per subsystem.

PWCOM Portable takes a snapshot of the master Database prior to the user starting work for the day, enabling the user to carry the latest information into the field on his person. The user can view tag data and all related documentation, view, raise and sign off punchlist items and even complete checksheets directly into the UMPC. Completed data is uploaded to the Master database at night while the UMPC is charging, allowing all new data to be downloaded to all UMPC's in the early hours of the morning ready for the next days work.

For further details please head over to the PWCOM website.



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